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At Wellspire Medical Group we know how serious the impact of a sports related injury can be on the rest of an athlete’s life. We also know every injury and athlete are one of a kind and deserve to be handled with personalized attention and care. We take pride in having the best Sports Medicine practice in Humble, TX by treating all levels of athletes, from recreational to professional, with the same level of dedication.

Our staff uses the newest diagnostic systems to locate and examine the specifics of your injury and work with you to make a comprehensive, custom-tailored plan to begin your road to recovery. Our goal is to always first try to resolve injuries through non-invasive to minimally invasive care that will get you painlessly back in motion.

Concussion Diagnosis and Management
A concussion is an injury to the brain that affects it's function. Generally, the side effects are temporary and include headaches, issues maintaining balance, inability to concentrate and more. It is important when someone exhibits these symptoms to have them diagnosed and to follow up with their healthcare provider once the symptoms have ended.
Fracture Care
A fracture is a broken bone. There are several different types of fractures with varying levels of severity and attention required to properly recover from. We will examine the fracture and come up with the best treatment option for you.
Non Surgical Orthopedics
Many orthopedic conditions can be treated through non-invasive means that do not require surgery. It is always our goal to leave surgery as a last resort and provide you with the options that are best for you.
Sports Injuries
There are two main categories of sports injuries we treat, acute injuries and chronic injuries. Acute injuries happen suddenly and tend to be due to the impact of an activity. Chronic injuries are developed over time and generally are from strain or overuse of the same part of your body.
Sports Physicals
In order to participate or play on most sports teams, a physical is required. The purpose of a physical exam is to gauge your overall health and verify that you don’t have any unknown medical conditions.
Sports Nutrition
Athletic performance can be improved through a thoughtful approach to which foods and fluids a person consumes. The recommended diet of someone who is active in strength sports is not the same recommended diet for someone engaging in endurance sports. Together, we can map out a nutrition plan that meets your specific lifestyle requirements.
Chronic Injuries
A chronic overuse injury is the most common form of a sports injury. These injuries occur when there is damage to a bone, muscle, ligament or tendon that has been caused by repetitive stress over time without proper healing.
Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis. It is a result of the protective cartilage at the end of your bones wearing down over time, eliminating the barrier. It can affect any part of the body but is most often seen in hands, knees, hips and the spine.
At Wellspire Medical Group Sports Medicine clinic, if determined to be necessary at the time of your examination, appropriate casting of fractures of ligamentous and soft tissue injuries can be provided as a mode of treatment. If a more specific functional bracing application is necessary to treat a sports injury, we have access to numerous national brace manufacturers.
Splinting immobilizes a limb that may be broken or severely sprained to prevent further injury and ease pain until you can see a health professional. Splinting may also be helpful after a sports accident. Splints are noncircumferential immobilizers that accommodate swelling. Splints ideal for the management of a variety of acute musculoskeletal conditions in which swelling is anticipated.
Custom Brace Fitting
Many sports medicine practitioners believe "custom-fit" functional braces are superior in performance to "off-the-shelf" braces for anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)-deficient knees. There are many questions to ask when choosing the right brace for your particular sport. The most important question is “Is this brace on right?” At Wellspire Medical Group Sports Medicine clinic, we take a custom approach for each patient.
Concussion Testing
A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury, or TBI, caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head that can change the way the brain normally works. Concussions are very difficult to diagnose and symptoms may not appear immediately. Concussion testing assesses your brain function before and after a head trauma. Concussion testing is one of the tools to evaluate and manage your health after a head injury.
Joint, Trigger and Soft Tissue Injections
Injection techniques are helpful for diagnosis and therapy in a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions. Injection of joint, trigger and soft tissues of the human body is a useful diagnostic and therapeutic skill for sports medicine Doctors. The patient's response to previous injection is important in deciding whether and when to proceed with reinjection.
PRP Joint Injections
Platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections are derived from a sample of the patient’s own blood. These injections contain plasma with higher concentration platelets than what is normally found in blood. PRP injections attempt to take advantage of the blood’s natural healing properties to repair damaged cartilage, tendons, ligaments, muscles, or even bone.
Hyaluronic Acid Injections
Hyaluronic acid injections are one treatment option sports medicine doctors may offer when a patient is no longer able to control osteoarthritis pain with ibuprofen or other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), or the patient can’t tolerate these drugs. The treatment regimen for hyaluronic acid usually involves receiving one injection in the affected joint per week for three to five weeks.
Steroid Injections
The decision to prescribe steroids is always made on an individual basis. Our Wellspire Sports Medicine doctor will consider your age, physical activity and other medications you are taking. We will also make sure you understand the potential benefits and risks of steroid injections. Injecting steroids into one or two local areas of inflammation allows for the delivery of a high dose of medication directly to the problem area.
Joint Aspiration
Joint aspiration is a procedure whereby a sterile needle and syringe are used to drain synovial fluid from a patient's joint. It is a relatively quick and inexpensive procedure to perform. It can be done in an office setting or in a hospital. Aspiration of a joint (arthrocentesis) with subsequent analysis of the synovial fluid is a critical component in diagnosing arthritis.

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