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Building healthy bones is an extremely important and vital part of living a comfortable and long life. Starting in your childhood and spanning through your early adulthood,, minerals are introduced into your bones. Around the age of 30, you will achieve your peak bone mass. If you have failed to develop enough bone mass in this time or lose bone mass later in life, your risk of developing fragile bones will be increases.


Luckily, there are certain lifestyle choices you can make to build and preserve healthy, strong bones, as you begin to age. Below are a list of some of the steps you can take to start boosting bone nutrition:


Eating Your Vegetable: You have heard the importance of eating vegetables your entire life, and with good reason! Among their many benefits, vegetables promote bone health! They have a great source of vitamin C which helps to stimulate the production of bone forming cells. Green and yellow vegetables have been linked to increased bone mineralization. Do not skip the salad! Eat your vegetables to keep your bones in great shape for years to come!


Stay Active: Exercise is a great way to keep your body in good shape. There are certain types of exercises that help you to build and maintain strong bones. Weight bearing and high impact exercises help promote the development of new bone mass. This is true at all ages from children to older adults. Strength training is also beneficial when it comes to protecting against bone loss.


Eating Enough Protein: It can be easy to overlook parts of your diet and end up with an imbalance in nutrition. The problem with this is that your body relies on you to feed it the proper foods in order to be strong and healthy. Everyone knows bones need calcium in order to be healthy, but did you know that about 50% of bone is made from protein? This is why, for most adults, it is critical for health bones to consume at least 100 grams of protein daily. If you are unsure how much protein is appropriate for your diet, set up and appointment with one of our physicians today!


Including Calcium Rich Foods Into Your Diet: Calcium is considered the most important mineral for bone health. While we mentioned above that bones are made up of 50% protein, calcium is the most concentrated mineral found in your bones. Old bone cells are cyclical and constantly being broken down and replaced by new bone cells, this is why you want to have a consistent supply of calcium rich foods in your diet. This will help strengthen and protect your bones.


Whenever it comes to protecting your bones and boosting your body’s bone nutrition, Wellspire Medical Group is here for you. Our doctors are dedicated to getting you the treatment you need, so you can live the life that you deserve! Schedule an appointment with us today to make sure you are doing everything you can for your bones!


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