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Rheumatoid arthritis, is an autoimmune disease and a chronic health condition, where your body’s immune system attacks your joints and other tissues. This attack results in intense pain, swelling, redness, and fatigue. While early treatment of this disease is the best way to slow the progression and prevent severe damage to the joints, lifestyle changes can also go a long way to ensuring you are not triggering flair ups, or making your situation worse.


Below is a list of potential triggers, that may cause or worsen a joint attack:


Smoking: While everyone knows that smoking cigarettes is linked to several increased health threats and conditions, such as heart attacks, high blood pressure, and more, it is also linked to RA. Smoking can increase your chances of developing RA but also, once you have it, smoking can irritate your RA, leading to worsened joint pain. If you are struggling to quit smoking, talk to one of the doctors at Wellspire Medical Group today!


Overweight: Whenever someone is overweight, they are putting additional stress on every part of their body, from their organs to their joints. When you add additional stress on your joints, while living with RA, you will experience more severe symptoms. Getting your weight to a healthy range can reduce symptoms and help naturally alleviate some of the pain associated with RA.


Stress: Stress has proven to have a negative impact on our health. Stress from work, family, or other influencing factors may actually affect your immune system’s ability to function. This can result in RA attacks and prolonged symptoms. There are many different types of activities suggested for those dealing with stress, so find something that works for you! From meditation and yoga, to exercising and sports, there are many different options to try and reduce the stress in your life.


Inactivity: Whenever you live a sedentary lifestyle, with little to no physical activity, you will decrease joint mobility. Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, with low-impact exercise can help keep your joint pain low. Additionally, regular exercise comes along with many other benefits for your mental and physical health.

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