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Wellspire Medical Group understands the importance of having the support of specialized physicians who can treat a virtually any kind of illness that may occur with you or your loved ones.  When it comes to rheumatologic illnesses, we take the conditions seriously. You and your family can rest assure Wellspire has the Best Rheumatologist in Humble Texas.


A rheumatologist is a board-certified internist or pediatrician who is qualified by additional training and experience in the diagnosis and treatment of arthritis and other musculoskeletal disorders diseases. This affects the joints, muscles, and bones.  With a board certified rheumatologist your family is assured of the best physician provide treatment and ultimate recovery.


Rheumatologists are specially trained to do the detective work necessary to discover the cause of your condition.  It generally starts off with pain and swelling. Because some rheumatic diseases are complex, one visit to a rheumatologist may not be enough to determine a diagnosis of musculoskeletal disorders. These diseases often change or evolve over time.


There are more than 100 types of rheumatologic diseases, some include, Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, gout, vasculitis, tendinitis and back pain. Certain autoimmune diseases are rheumatologic such as, lupus and multiple sclerosis. These diseases often change or evolve over time. Our Wellspire Rheumatologist works closely with patients to identify the illness and design an individualized treatment program.

If you have pain in the joints, muscles, or bones it is severe or it persists for more than a few days, it’s important to determine a correct diagnosis early, so that appropriate treatment can begin early. Some musculoskeletal disorders respond best to treatment in the early stages of the disease. Which is why seeing our Wellspire Rheumatologist early is very important.

At Wellspire Medical Group our Board Certified Rheumatologist has years of experience with the most complex musculoskeletal diseases.  While complexity is his specialty, every patient with any level of rheumatologic concern is treated with the same intensity. If you live in Humble, Texas or surrounding areas, contact the best Rheumatologist. Wellspire Medical Group’s Board Certified Rheumatologist is ready to design a treatment plan for you.  



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